Floods at Dharwad District Uppina Betageri



Floods at Dharwad District Uppina Betageri

On the Seventh Day of August during the crisis of Floods faced by the people of Dharwad and Belagavi District, Rescue Team from NSS UNIT of KLE’S J. G. College of Commerce Hubballi with 10 volunteers and faculties set a journey to Dharwad District – Uppina Betageri Village for helping victims of floods where they noticed a painful scenario of houses collapsed and waters in some houses having heard of the villagers outcry on the same the team set to help them to their best by shifting the household articles from the place of suffer to safe places and discussions with the Panchayat head on the required help they gathered information of having more manpower in service rather than any other help. “Removing the waters from the houses was a tough task and we supported the villagers filling confidence in them and making them settled temporarily” says one of the volunteer. This vibrant initiative is a very spontaneous one taken up to serve the best in humanity, giving a wake up call to all the youth’s out there to move out and help the sufferers. Volunteer Pavan reported the same. Prof. Amrut Jakkalli and Prof. Sachin Bhat accompanied the volunteers for safety measures.

Reported By,
Volunteer Poornapradnya Pandurangi
B. Com IIIrd Semester
KLE’S J. G. College of Commerce Hubballi

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