B.Com and M.Com

B.COM and M.Com Programme under New Education Policy 2020

The Salient Features of the Programme

  • It is a Choice Based Credit System under Semester Scheme.

  • The programme comprises of about 50% Discipline Specific Core Courses as Major subjects, 20% Discipline Specific Elective Courses and remaining 30% Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses, Skill Enhancement Courses along with Open Elective Courses.

  • The relative importance of Courses of the study is measured in terms of credits.

  • The programme permits horizontal mobility in course selections and vertical growth in the core courses.

  • The students shall take part in value-based activities.

  • The declaration of result is based on Aggregate Percentage of marks obtained and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) earned.

  • The candidate has an option to exit after TWO, FOUR and SIX semesters of the programme and shall be awarded Certificate, Diploma, and General Degree, respectively with a provision to re-enter and complete the degree.

  • There is a provision to transfer the credits earned by the candidate during outward mobility from one institution of this University to Institutions of other Universities.

  • The programme permits the consideration of credits earned from SWAYAM and other platforms recognized by the University.

  • The Programme has special provisions for independent learners to earn additional credits from inter / intra disciplinary subjects apart from mandatory credits.

B.Com Syllabus

M.Com Syllabus​

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