Scouts and Guides


“To be globally visible, consistently growing, self-reliant premium youth movement that is gender balanced, vibrant and responsive to trends. To provide young people with value-based, attractive and challenging youth programme, through competent leaders, effective communication, optimum use of technology and efficient management.

Strategic Priorities

Youth Engagement
Ensure effective implementation and periodical evaluation of the youth programme .

Adult Resource Management
Formulate a national adult resources policy in accordance with world adult resource policy that will ensure efficient adult resource management at all levels, and implement up to State level by 2020.

To ensure transparency, responsiveness, accountability, efficiency within the organization through effective implementation of policies and rules at all levels.

Financial Management
To strengthen sources of income and explore new fund raising/generating areas, review and strengthen financial management system and its efficient implementation at all levels.

Develop an effective communication system to reach within and outside the organization through clear, precise, timely communication and making use of technology to enhance visibility of the organization.

Membership Growth
To increase overall membership at least 10% annually, focusing on reaching out to unserved segments of society.