About KLES

The K.L.E. Society is the outcome of the selfless and dedicated services of a band of seven souls, revered as the ‘Saptarishis’, Shri P. R. Chikodi, Shri S. S. Basavanal, Shri V. V. Patil, Shri B. B. Mamadapur, Shri M. R. Sakhare, Shri B. S. Hanchinal and Shri H. F. Kattimani, who had the vision and foresight for the upliftment of the downtrodden and the illiterate. At a time when the vast majority of people in North Karnataka had no access to even formal education, these seven committed men came forward by foregoing lucrative government jobs, to start an educational institution with the sole objective of reaching it out to the hitherto neglected people. They were ably supported by the founder members Rao Bahadur R. C. Aratal, Sardar V. G. Naik of Chachadi and Rao Bahadur V. A. Anigol. The munificent donations contributed by Sardar Raja Lakhamgouda Sardesai of Wantamuri, Shri Lingaraj Sardesai of Sirasangi and Shri B. V. Bhoomaraddi and many others have played a vital role in the establishment of the Society.

The supreme sacrifices, selfless efforts and untiring zeal of these committed men and many others heralded the birth of the K.L.E. Society in 1916. Built on the strong edifice of truth, love, service and sacrifice, the Society which started its service with a small school called Anglo Vernacular School in Belgaum has grown today into a mammoth educational institution in the whole of Asia with more than 293 institutions to its credit. It has spearheaded the educational revolution by establishing a wide range of educational institutions imparting knowledge in Arts, Commerce, Science, Technical and Medical fields.

Under the stewardship of our present Chairman, Dr. Prabhakar Kore Ex.M.P., the K.L.E. Society has witnessed phenomenal growth. With his fingers always on the contemporary pulse, he has steered the activities of the K.L.E. Society into new areas such as Law, Computer Applications, Management Studies, Hotel Management, Information Technology, Dental Sciences, Agricultural Technology etc. The establishment of a High-tech Hospital in Belgaum offering speciality services at affordable prices to the people speaks volumes of his zeal to do something for the community. He has been instrumental in its gigantic growth and giving it a global outlook embarking it on the global map. The K.L.E. Society is like a big family consisting of more than 1.38,000 students and 18,000 employees. It has been making sincere efforts in keeping itself abreast with the changing times and scenario in various fields.