The main objective of the scheme is to enhance the overall quality of the mentee institutions and Mentoring the Non-Accredited Higher Education Institutions to enable them to get accredited. The Scheme will be operationalized through a “Hub & Spoke” (H&S Model) where in the Mentor Institution, called the “hub” is centralized and will have the responsibility of guiding the Mentee institution through the secondary branches, the “spoke” which are the additional services provided to the mentee for self improvement. This allows a centralized control over operational efficiency, resource utilization to attain overall development of the mentee institution.

Hub can also be conceived as a pool of experts from multiple resources. External members can also be solicited from the industry and can be used as a resource pool. They can make a ground assessment and can have a clear action plan for mentoring.


The mentor & mentee can be a government/aided/private/self- financing Institution. The mentor institution should be NAAC accredited with an A grade having an overall score of 3.26 and above. Any such institution recognized under 2 (f) & 12 (B) of UGC Act 1956 will be eligible to receive grants for the purpose from UGC. Since these grants will be utilized for mentoring the institution and not for creation of any infrastructure, the private institution can also receive the funding as they do so for student and teacher centric schemes.

Mentee Institutions :

  1. Fatima Degree College, Keshwapur, Hubballi.
  2. K.S.S Arts and Commerce College Vidyanagar, Hubballi.
  3. Global BCA College, Shettar Layout, Lingaraj Nagar, Hubballi.
  4. Global College of Commerce, Shettar Layout, Lingaraj Nagar, Hubballi.
  5. IBMR College of Commerce, Akshay Colony, Hubballi.
  6. Chetan College of Commerce, Tajnagar, Hubballi.
  7. ASS Amruteshware Arts and Commerce College, Annigeri.
  8. Y B Annigeri College of Commerce, Dharwad.
  9. S.S.N.C Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Smarak First Grade Arts & Commerce College, Gangadhar Nagar, Hubballi.

UGC – Paramarsh Scheme Co-ordination committee :

  1. Dr. D. V. Honagannavar      –       Principal
  2. Dr. C. S. Hasabi                   –       Accreditation Ambassador
  3. Dr. G. L. Kharade                 –       IQAC Co-ordinator
  4. Prof.(Smt) S. S. Patil          –       NAAC Co-ordinator
  5. Prof. S. L. Patil                    –       Member
  6. Shri. H. V. Kulkarni            –         Admin Staff
  7. Shri. S. P. Badiger              –         Project Staff
  8. Shri. S. G. Sudi                  –          Project Staff

Co-ordination committee Meeting Notice

Meeting with Mentee Institutions Principals and IQAC Co-ordinators

Activities held under UGC – Paramarsh Scheme :

K.L.E Society’s J G COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Vidyanagar, Hubballi.(Mentor Institution) in Association with IBMR BBA, BCA, B.Com and Post Graduate Studies in Commerce and Management Vidyanagar, Hubballi. (Mentee Institution) Organize One Day Workshop on ‘PREPARATION OF SSR AND DOCUMENTATION’ – A METHODOLOGY for Mentee Institutions under UGC- PARAMARSH SCHEME on 05.04.2021 venue IBMR College, Hubballi.

Resource Person Dr. M. B. Kothale, NAAC Assessor.

One day Workshop Under UGC – Paramarsh Scheme for Mentee Institutions held on 23.01.2020 Resource. Person : Dr. Siddalingswamy, Rtd. special officer Collegiate Education Bangaluru.

Paramarsh Scheme Team members has meeting with Management of ASS Amruteshwar Arts and Commerce college, Annigeri on 31.01.2020.

One day Capacity Building workshop for Admin Staff of Mentee Institutions held at Fatima Degree College (Mentee Institution), Hubli. on 15.02.2020.


One day Training Programm is organised for NAAC, IQAC Co- ordinators and Criterion convenors of mentee institutions on 24th Feb 2020 at Shri Amruteshwar College Annigeri, at 10 am.


One day workshop for principals and Librarians of Mentee Institutions.Resource person is Sri Shivanand Bulla Librarian Dr A V.Baliga College Kumata on 05.03.2020.