B.Com Department Details

B.Com Degree provides ample opportunities for shaping the career of the students as professionals, self employed persons, and entrepreneurs. During the 3 years duration the students can pursue professional courses such as Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, ICWA, C.F.A. etc. along with the course. This course provides basic knowledge required for self-employment and also entrepreneurship. Benefitting from this course many hundreds of alumni have become C.A.s, Tax Practitioners and businessmen and are found working throughout the city of Hubli and many parts of the country.

Along with the curricula prescribed by the University, vocational courses such as Office Management and Secretarial Practice, Tax Procedure & Practice and Entrepreneurship Development Programme are also introduced. Efforts are made by the institution to develop neighborhood relationship with the Business Institutes by putting some of the students on the job training every year. In this endeavor, the formation of J.G.C.C. Grid has been initiated.

The course curriculum is designed by the Karnataka University taking in to account the changing needs of the Trade and Industry. Recently, the curriculum was redesigned by the University by dropping some of the redundant subjects and topics and paving way for new subjects such as Computer Application in Business, Financial Management, Contemporary auditing, Modern Marketing, Managerial Economics, etc., However, to cope up with the LPG effects, still some additions to the curriculum is needed.

1.Must know part

2. Desirable to know part

3. Good if-it-is-known part

4. Departmental addition The inter-disciplinary approach to the curricula is provided by arranging the visits of the students to various industries to have practical insight. Similarly, the multi-disciplinary approach has been provided by establishing links of Commerce with other subjects such as Statistics, Economics, Law etc., This is reflected while conducting the survey of the market by the students.

Inter-disciplinary Programs, with the objective of assigning some common topics to the teachers of various disciplines, are deployed for producing higher impact on the learning process. This not only saves time but also helps students to look at the topics from different angles. Some of them have been successfully launched in the following classes and subjects

Entrepreneurship Development Program- Small Scale Industries Problems and Solutions Business Communication- Use of Grammar in Business Correspondence Functional Management- Application of theory of Probability in Quality control Banking Law and Practice- Functions of Central Bank Auditing- Audit sampling Financial Management- Leverage

Student Assessment of Teachers in all the subjects of B.Com course is in practice. Evaluation of teachers through student-feedback is a continuous practice of the college This helps the institution in multiple ways

1. To assess about the completion of syllabus on time

2. To ascertain the progress of teaching and learning

3. To remind the teachers who have short-fall in their duties