The activities of the college are very well organized. Every task is systematically assigned to different people specialized in performing the specified acts. The college follows a system where one teacher and a couple of students are responsible for each activity. By this, it is ensured that the participation is from both the sides. Ample opportunities are provided to the students to exhibit their skills. The college follows a healthy method of working in teams. We always believe -” Together we can and we will “.

The ladies are not lagging behind anymore. An activie ladies association plays an important role in the functioning of the college. A recent addition to this is the Women’s Empowerment Cell.

Yet another important association, perhaps the most important association for any educational institution. The parents are also invited to play an active part in the student activities.

♦ Parent-oncerned local guardians of the class.

♦ Interaction takes place in the meeting of the parents.

♦ Meets are held regularly. The outcome of these meets has been productive.

♦ Local Guardian of each class prepares the list of the students who are irregular to the classes .

♦ Letters are dispatched to the parents of absentee students by the college.

♦ Meetings are conducted between parents and teachers in the presence of absentee students.

♦ This meeting enables the parents to know the status of their wards in respect of attendance,   performance in tests and their total involvement in other activities. This helps the institution to    improve attendance of the students.

A Grievances Redressal Cell has been opened in the college from the academic year 2003-2004. It helps the students in solving their grievances pertaining to the college. The students can submit their grievances either directly to the cell or put them in the suggestion boxes kept in the office, library etc. meant for this purpose.