Library is the heart of Education. Well functioning heart keeps the body healthy and long life. Efficient library creates healthy educational atmosphere, keeping this view in mind library acts accordingly. Thus, building is located behind the main building of the college. It is surrounded by greenish and beautiful scenery. The Building consists of three wings having two floors. The library is easily accessible to all users.


Library Building Details:              696 Sq.Mts.’1971′ Rs. 3.10 Laks

Seating Capacity:                       200 for Students & 20 for staff


The college library housed in an independent and spacious building, functions as the heart of the institution with its unique collection of 64,000 volumes, 60 journals and 40 periodicals. The library has enriched collegiate education with all its diversities and embellishments. It has been serving as a partner in conservation of knowledge, ideas and teaching. The library is kept open 8-00 a.m. to 8-00 p.m. during the times of examinations

The College Library is equipped with about 65,000 volumes and thousands of titles covering all the subjects connected with Commerce education. A qualified librarian with other assistants looks after the working of the Library. It works 11 am to 6 pm on all working days and during examination time it works between 8 am and 8 pm on all working days. It has a ‘Poor Students Lending Library’ section which lends average 4-6 books to the poor and deserving students for the whole year.

Library Collections:

  Existing Newly added Total as on 31.3.2018
No. No. No.
Text Books 97,573 3,007 1,00,776
Reference Books 558 196 754
Journals 46 46
Digital Database -`
CD & Video 11 11
Others (specify)
05 05

News Papers & Periodicals:

1 Deccan Herald 1 Prajavani
2 Indian Express 2 Samyukta Karnataka
3 Hindu 3 Vijaya Karnataka
4 Economics Times 4 Kannada Prabha
5 Times of India
Kannada Weekly English Journals
1 Karmaveer 1 Entrepreneurial Development
2 Sudha 2 Chartered Financial Analyist
3 Tarang 3 Effective Executive
Kannada Fortnightly 4 Accounting World
1 Prapancha 5 Marketing Master Mind
2 Belagavi Veerashaiva Vani 6 Audit Practice
Kannada Monthly 7 University News
1 Kasturi ——
2 Aarogya 9 Yojana
3 Mayur 10 Southern Economist
4 Gruhashoba 11 University Today
5 Diksoochi 12 Charatered Accountant
6 Chutaku 13 KLE Bulletien
7 Vyaktithva Vikasa 14 Harward Business Review
8 Sparda Chaitra 15 Indian Economic Journal
9 Sparda Spoorti 16 Industrial Economics
10 Psychology and Personality Development 17 Banking Law
English Weekly 18 Best Books
1 Employment News 19 March of Karnataka (Free)
2 India Today 20 NAAC News (Free)
3 Out look 21 The Vision (Free)
4 The Week 22 Humanism (Free)
5 Sports Star 23 Karnatak University Bullitien (Free)
Hindi Weekly 24 Career Review Bullitien (Free)
1 Out Look 25 Managerial Economics
English Fortnightly 26 Monetary Economics
1 Womens Era 27 H R M Review
2 Femina 28 Organisational Behaviour
3 Business Today 29 Operation Management
4 Frontline Journals Monthly (Kannada)
5 Business India 1 Viveka Sampada
English Monthly 2 Basava Patha
1 Alive 3 Yojana
2 Readers Digest 4 Lingayata
3 Wisdom 5 Jeevanadi (Free)
4 Competition Success Review 6 Paramajyoti (Free)
5 Digit 7 Ranga Vitala (Free)
6 PC Quest 8 Yuga Rashmi (Free)
7 Yoga 9 Janapada (Free)
INTERNATIONAL 10 Susila (Free)
1 German News 11 Yuva Karnataka (Free)
12 Karnataka vanijya (Free)
13 Jotir Vidnyana (Free)
14 Kannada Nudi (Free)
Subscribed in the year 2009-10
Advances in Developing Human resources
Asian Journal of Management Cases
Global Business Review
International Journal of Rural Management
Journal of Emerging Market Finance
Journal of Entrepreneurship
Journal of Human Values
Journal of Management

Library Services:

♦ One book will be issued on Borrowers Card for 15 days to all the Students.

♦ 1 to 2 books will be issued on PSL form for the entire course semester.

♦ Extra books will be given to Poor and Meritorious students.

♦ 1 book (apart from text ) will be given on Identity Card for home reading for 2 to 8 days.

CD and DVD Facility:

CD and DVD will be issued to the student on Identity Cards for 1 to 2 days for viewing personally.

Journal and Periodicals Facility:

Journal and Periodical will be issued to the students on demand for home reading for 1-2 day on production of Identity Cards.

Reference Section:

The Reference section will be kept open during library hours

Books, journals and Periodicals, Previous Question Papers will be issued on Identity Cards for reference.

Library Working Hours:

Generally the library will be kept open from 10.30 a.m to 6.00 p.m. A special provision made during examinations from 8.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m

Users Orientation Programme:

The fresher’s are formally introduced to the library facilities and services at the beginning of every academic year, Class wise about books, Journals, Periodicals and others.

New Arrivals Display:

Some selected titles of new books acquired by the library are displayed in New Arrivals Display racks for the benefit of users. These books will be on display for at least one week and after that they will be made available to borrow.

Inter Library Loans:

It is not possible for any institution, however rich its resources, to buy all the books published even in a discipline. Hence, it is inevitable to depend on other sister organizations to share information sources for the mutual benefit of users.

News paper clipping Service:

Press clipping service is one of the most important service in a library. The press clipping means the cutting of news items Which are useful to the students staff or to the Principal. These paper cuttings will be displayed for one week and will be filed for future reference.

Personalized  Reference service:

          Reference service means ” Process of establishing contact between a user and his requirements in a personal way”. It is a personal service, which involves various activities, aimed at making information available to the users as easily as possible. Library staff guide them to browse the documents which contain the required information, depending upon their requirements. With the available resources.

Ready Reference and Long Range Reference service:

In ready reference service library staff will answer the users queries with the help of Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Yearbooks, etc. Which are more or less fact-finding services. On the other hand library staff also undertake long range service for the benefit of the users community. In this service library will offer the users the list of books on a given subject on demand which are available in this library as and when they require.

Xerox/Repographic Service:

The library provides reprographic service to the users on priced basis. This saves the time of the users to a great extent.

User Orientation:

The fresher’s are formally introduced to the library sources and services at the beginning of every academic year. The students of each class, are taken to each section by the library staff and are introduced to the diverse sources and services, so as to make them familiar with the library to gain maximum use of the library.

Internet Facility and Gidance:

          For effective usage of Internet for collection of right information during the time of its necessity to all Teaching Faculty, Students, and Administrative staff. In this direction, the Library provides the facilities about use of Internet, E-mail and other applications. the library.

e-Resource Awareness and Guidance:

Under UGC-Infonet E-Consortia Programme the Library availing more than 2000 Abstracts of journals, and other open access journals like DOAJ.


Digital Library provides access to :
Library OPAC
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JCCC@UGC-INFONET: e journal gateway
Free E-Journals in Commerce
E-reference sources
Theses and Dissertations
UN and other International Agencies Publications
Subject Gateways
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