Library is the heart of Education. Well functioning heart keeps the body healthy and long life. Efficient library creates healthy educational atmosphere, keeping this view in mind library acts accordingly. Thus, building is located behind the main building of the college. It is surrounded by greenish and beautiful scenery. The Building consists of three wings having two floors. The library is easily accessible to all users.

Library Building Details:              696 Sq.Mts.'1971' Rs. 3.10 Laks

Seating Capacity:                       200 for Students & 20 for staff


The college library housed in an independent and spacious building, functions as the heart of the institution with its unique collection of 64,000 volumes, 60 journals and 40 periodicals. The library has enriched collegiate education with all its diversities and embellishments. It has been serving as a partner in conservation of knowledge, ideas and teaching. The library is kept open 8-00 a.m. to 8-00 p.m. during the times of examinations

The College Library is equipped with about 65,000 volumes and thousands of titles covering all the subjects connected with Commerce education. A qualified librarian with other assistants looks after the working of the Library. It works 11 am to 6 pm on all working days and during examination time it works between 8 am and 8 pm on all working days. It has a 'Poor Students Lending Library' section which lends average 4-6 books to the poor and deserving students for the whole year.

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