The Gymkhana Department, which is a pride of the college, is well equipped and modern and provides ample opportunities to promote sports and games. It has carved a niche for itself by producing Ranji Trophy players and University Blues. It has bagged many prestigious trophies and shields in the past.

The college has a spacious play ground and a well equipped Gymkhana Department wherein all facilities to promote sports and games are provided to the students. The college has made notable achievements in extra-curricular activities by way of bagging prizes and trophies at University level. The college also has a hostel and mess facilities for boys with 32 rooms and the total intake capacity being 60. The campus also houses 14 staff quarters with all amenities. Facilities such as Bank and a post office are also available in the campus.


♦  A wooden badminton court of international standard

♦ Table-Tennis Hall

♦ Separate area for the games of Chess and Carrom

♦ Ultra Modern Multi-Gym

♦ A unique feature of this sports complex is providing a separate area for the female sports person.


Keeping in line with the general guidelines laid down by the KLE Society to promote sports and games and encourage talented sports persons at its institutions, the college too has adopted a few norms which precisely form its Sports Policy.
1. Preference in admission is given to those students who have represented Zone, State and National     Level.
2. Students who desire to join the college teams should compulsorily attend selections. However, in    genuine cases where a student. remains absent from the selection trials or any inportant tournament    or match due to his ill-health or any other inevitable reasons, this rule may be relaxed provided he    has obtained prior permission in writing from the concerned authorities in the college
3. The selected players shall attend practice regularly .
4. They are not permitted to play for any private club/organisation at a time when they are required to    represent the college team.
5. Those who are not selected for the college teams shall not be sent to any selections, competitions,    tournaments or matches.
6. Iregularity and indiscipline of the players on and off the field will lead to their termination from the    team.
7. Written permission must be obtained from the concerned authorities in the college before    participating in any tournaments conducted by private organisations.
8. Monetary incentive will be given to sports persons representing the state or national teams or    events.
9. The rules of conduct, discipline and attendance which are applicable to all the students in general    are applicable to sportspersons as well. Breach of these rules in any form may lead to their    termination from the teams and in extreme cases from the college also .
10. Any awards and prizes in sports will be given on the basis of his/her achievement in the concerned    sport.

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